3 Ways to Stop Smoking

      After a big meal. When you’re stressed out. During a break in the day. Driving. Walking. Watching a baseball game. Smoking is more than an addiction. For ...

Common Ski Injuries and How to Prevent Them

      Skiing — it’s one of those winter sports that people either love, or they’re terrified of it. For those who love it, skiing is a great way ...

5 Ways to Better Sleep

  Have you ever fallen asleep in long meetings? Or worse, felt drowsy during your commute. If so, you’re probably sleep deprived. With the New Year just a few weeks ...


Avoiding the Flu

Sometimes, we get sick. We go about our day, dealing with the ...

Simple Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six ...

Fashion, Crafts, Relationship Advice and Food! All at our Annual Women’s Forum

Each year our hospital is proud to host one of Brigham City’s ...

Other Health Topics

How to Deal with Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

You may think you know everything when it comes to bodily changes during pregnancy. After all, you’ve read the usual pregnancy books, discussed what to expect during pregnancy with your doctor ad nauseum and talked to all of your friends and family members about their experiences. Nothing will come as a surprise now—right? Wrong. Here are [...]

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Sports Injuries Are More than Physical: A Look At Psychological Impacts and How They Play Into A Full Recovery

When you play a sport you don’t just play the sport. It becomes a part of your identity. You are a baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, hockey, or football player.   So when an injury takes you away from a sport, it’s much more than just physical. You can lose a part of your identity, [...]

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4 New Year’s Resolutions Nobody Makes

  If you ask most people about their New Year’s resolution, most people will say, “lose weight—again.” They’ll set lofty goals, sign up for a membership at a fancy gym, and purge their pantries of anything with a calorie.   Considering that 69% of American adults over age 20 are overweight or obese, according to the [...]

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Holiday Leftovers – What to Take, and What to Leave Behind

You’re stuffed to the brim on turkey, potatoes, and all the delicious holiday meals at the season’s events and parties. And as each festivity dwindles, you may be tempted to save yourself a couple days of cooking and pack some leftovers for the road.   But with all you just consumed—probably about 3,000 calories, according to [...]

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Surprising Risk Factor for Diabetes: You Child’s School Policies

      Obesity and type 2 diabetes in children has been on the rise. You might be surprised to find that school policies can put kids at risk for obesity and diabetes. SOURCE: Center for Disease Control and Prevention Obesity and Diabetes Here are 4 questions to look into about your child’s school: 1. Does the [...]

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