Boy or Girl? Wacky Pregnancy Myths About Gender

  Some couples want to know as soon as possible whether they’re having a boy or a girl. Ultrasounds can be used to detect your baby’s gender after 18 weeks ...

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Concert!

  Over the course of a lifetime, one in eight women — our mothers, sisters, friends, coworkers and neighbors — will develop breast cancer.   85 % of these women ...

Finding a New Doctor

  These days, it’s not uncommon for people to switch doctors. Whether you’ve recently relocated to northern Utah, changed insurance carriers or were simply dissatisfied with your past physician, it’s ...


Avoiding the Flu

Sometimes, we get sick. We go about our day, dealing with the ...

Simple Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six ...

Fashion, Crafts, Relationship Advice and Food! All at our Annual Women’s Forum

Each year our hospital is proud to host one of Brigham City’s ...

Other Health Topics

Understanding Pain Before Committing to Joint Replacement

    If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably no stranger to seeing players get injured on the field or court. You might have grimaced when Golden State Warriors’ Brandon Rush busted his left knee during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies back in November 2012. Or maybe you groaned when Utah Jazz player Gordon Hayward was [...]

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Living with Arthritis? 3 Ways to Overcome The Depression That Often Comes With It

  Arthritis can affect a person in ways that go far beyond joint stiffness and pain. You may experience a sense of loss—loss of the way you’re used to living without pain or mobility issues. Or perhaps you feel more frustrated than anything else—frustrated at the limitations arthritis has imposed on your life. In some [...]

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4 Not-So-Common Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

You probably already know that if you’re thinking of having a baby, talking to your primary care physician or OBGYN is a good first step. But there are other things that you might not think about…until the last minute, if at all. Here are 4 things to do before getting pregnant that you may not [...]

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Why Are Some Cancers More Dangerous Than Others

The doctor said, “You have cancer.” After that, you heard nothing else. Mind racing, you began to fear the worst. All at once, you’re worried about family…work…finances…and how having cancer will affect day-to-day responsibilities. Most of all, you fear for your life.   Yes, cancer can be life-threatening, but having cancer isn’t necessarily a death [...]

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When to See a Doctor for Back Pain

You may constantly be adjusting your seat at work, unable to focus. Or rolling around in bed at night, grimacing in pain. When your daughter calls to see if you want to go shopping, you may say no just because you can’t fathom walking around a mall. Whether it’s a dull ache or sharp pains, [...]

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